Episode 18: Hurricanes, production schedules, and we love our dogs

Hurricane Florence didn't really mess with production, but we had to secure our homes and help our friends in North Carolina that were impacted. 

Here's satellite footage of how gross our waterways are thanks to the carnage to pig waste lagoons. Factory Farming is gross. Eat less meat or go kill your own please. 

Gross ass Florence

Hurricane Mangkhut did however screw some production up, and now with all of the Political Posturing between China and US (Thanks Pres), we might have to delay deliveries because I need to ship these games to Amazon. 

Oh, by the way, Bill Cosby is guilty. I remember watching his show as a kid. All parents were cool with it because the Huxtables were the perfect nuclear family. Little did we know, Cliff was raping everyone. Have fun is jail ya fuck. 

In other news, who wants to buy the rights to the Cosby Show. It's got to be at an all time low right now, and I predict in 10 years, it will be forgiven. What do you say?


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