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Have you ever been at a party playing card games and thought, "This is fucking weak." Composure is the ultimate card game daring players to come up with outlandish ideas or controversial truths to measure who can discuss challenging topics without squirming. 

Each game ends in roaring laughter, broken friendships, or divorce. 

The Basics
Players challenge each other to answer questions. If you can break someone else’s composure, you earn extra chips. The most composed person who can discuss the most scenarios while breaking others, is the winner.

Suggested Rules
Deal each player an equal number of cards/chips (5/5 for a quick game, 10/10 for a long one)

  1. All players ante* 1 chip to the pot
  2. The Dealer, selects a card from his hand, and challenges any player to answer.
  3. If the chosen player can answer the question with composure, Dealer will award 1 chip from the pot. If the player passes on the question or loses composure; the player pays 1 chip to the pot.
  4. Once the player has answered, the pot is at stake and anyone in the group may attempt to earn chips by breaking the composure of others.
  5. The Dealer’s role during discussion is to judge and award participants based on the ability to discuss terrible scenarios while keeping composure.
  6. Individuals who cannot keep composure or do not participate cannot earn chips
  7. Once the Dealer has issued all chips in the pot, the round is over and the Dealer role is passed clockwise. (Place time limits on each round based on your group.)

*Ante: Google it, dumbass

Dealer Rules

  1. If it is your turn to be Dealer, and you do not wish to play cards in your hand, you may draw new cards. However you must pay the same number of chips as cards drawn and skip your turn as Dealer.
  2. The Dealer cannot earn chips and is immune from paying.
  3. You should pay people as they talk to keep the conversation ripping.

Recommended Strategy
Because you can only get paid when keeping composure, it is a wise decision to say things to make everyone else break. But be warned, it is difficult to stay calm while others around you are making racially insensitive remarks about skunk cock, velcro pussy, and wiping boogers on old people with Alzheimer’s.

Other ways to play

What do I get? 
200 Composure Cards
*100 Plastic Chips (Extra)

Am I eligible for Kickstarter stretch goal rewards? 
Yes. Any stretch goals hit on Kickstarter will also be applied here.

*Why does it cost extra for chips?
Google custom poker chips. They are expensive, like $0.49 per chip. End.

Can this game be played with shots of alcohol instead of chips?
We are not responsible for deaths.

Aren't "broken friendships" and divorce the same thing?
You are a real cornball aren't you?


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