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Podcast Guest

Podcast Guest

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Hey, it's a crazy idea that you can just buy your way on as a guest. We aren't famous so why not? We need people. Can't afford $5? Get a job you poor fuck.

Each podcast will have a maximum of 3 people. Do the math if you and your 2 friends want to be on a show. 

Time slots will be arranged after payments. Recordings occur between 6PM and 9PM EST. We go for a max of 60 minutes. Purchasing this waives your rights. You have no rights. We own what you say and it will be published!!!! MUAHAHHAH.


  • All shows will be recorded via zoom.us < click there and download it prior to the show
  • You must have headphones with a mic
  • You must commit a booking time within 7 days of booking
  • Rescheduling is not guaranteed
  • Guest seats are good for 180 days from purchase
  • No refunds

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